bikergo - Finally A Truly Comfortable Bike

Features and Benefits

The Rear Spoiler™ - Change Is In The Air

No more straddling a hard narrow seat. The horn between your legs is history. Simply slide onto our Rear Spoiler (patents pending) and experience supportive, shock absorbing, air filled surfaces that move with your body. The broader contact area eliminates the pressure points found on a traditional saddle while not getting in your way like overpadded saddles do. There is no more need to sit perched precariously on a saddle. When you come to a stop simply slide securely down. Finally comfort without compromise.

Just Right Cranks

Did you know that traditional cranks are between 165-175mm long? That's a 14" pedalling circle - equivalent to climbing two stairs at a time! Our Just Right Cranks create a 10" pedaling circle that places less stress on your knees . This allows you to ride longer, faster and with greater comfort.

Up Close and Personal Handlebar™

The unique bikergo geometry and our adjustable handlebar stem bring the handlebar higher and closer to you than any other bicycle.

Yoga Motion™

The Rear Spoiler, Just Right Cranks, Up Close and Personal Handlebar all work together to let you ride with a better posture and greater comfort we call Yoga Motion.

Boundless Comfort™

Our Just Right Cranks not only form a smaller, more comfortable pedaling circle, it lowers the step over height. This along with our hornless Rear Spoiler provide a wide open area to simply step through when getting on and off your bikergo eliminating any boundaries to your comfortable ride.

Smooth Operator

One handed shifting while pedaling or stopped with all the range of a mountain bike but none of the fuss. Our premium bikergo is equiped with a German engineered SRAM i-motion 9 internal hub.

Clean Machine

An exposed chain can be dangerous not to mention the mess it makes of your clothes and car. The hebie CHAINGLIDER fully encloses the chain to keep you safe and clean.


Our premium bikergo is equiped with smooth running Avid BB7 disc brakes that stop with confidence and keep heat build-up away from your tires when decending a long hill.


A specially designed shopping bag is availble for your bikergo that attaches securely to the front of your bikergo frame not the handlebars. This frame mounted bracket eliminates the adverse steering experienced with traditional handlebar bags.

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Bicycles normally come with pretty cheap tires. We refuse to make compromises with your performance and safety. Our Schwalbe Big Apple tires are packed with features you will appreciate long after your bicycle leaves the showroom.